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Our Blog March 22, 2023


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Keeping in mind how things are looking at the moment, it seems as if the coronavirus is not only here, but it is here to stay. The pandemic has impacted businesses in the most negative manner possible. In order to bring obstructions in the path of the high numbers the virus has managed to generate, governments all over the world have decided to introduce lockdowns in their countries. These lockdowns have been presented as a method to minimize human interaction, which is all that business works upon. To counter this, companies have shifted their entire focus to online means of communicating with their clientele.

In today’s blog post, we will discuss what one should be posting on their social media to not only advertise for their company but also spread much-needed support to its customers. It seems intimidating to make posts surrounding the pandemic, as you would not want to make your business sound insensitive or unconcerned. Though this task is slightly challenging, it is not anything that cannot be worked out. So here we are with our top highly recommended tips for what to post on social media during lockdowns.

1. Identify With Your Audience

In the middle of a covid lockdown, it would seem a bit unnatural to post irrelevant to the current situation. However, what you have to crack is to present your idea in the present narrative without letting one overpower the other. You would want to empathize with your customers because you can completely understand their concerns and problems as you, too, are a part of this world and facing this unfortunate set of events. Posting on social media during lockdowns should be done responsibly. You should let your audience in on the troubles that the pandemic and its collateral partners have caused you.

Try and make comprehensive posts explaining how your business or cause is being forced to a halt. It is only when you share something mutual with your customer that they will be ready to listen to your story.

2. Capture By Captions

When you share posts or share an image regarding your business that does not evidently highlight the lockdown situation, that is when captions come into play. Thought effective content should also be presented with posts that primarily focus on the lockdown, but their importance becomes relatively more in posts that do not. You need to be able to capture your audience’s attention by the use of captions. And a key tip for captions is to use hashtags. Keep track of what hashtags are being used, which hints at the covid scenario. Your otherwise day-to-day hashtags will not be able to produce the same return that they once did, and that is because you need to stitch them up and make them more relevant.

3. Going Live Is The Answer

In times where human interaction has been restricted to completely being virtual is when face to face video communication will project its prominence. Apart from putting up pre-recorded videos on your social media accounts, it is also one of our highly recommended tips that you hold live sessions with your followers.

It is one of the best solutions to reducing the communication gap between you and your customers. You can post on your social media the timings of when you will be going live prior to actually doing so and also letting the audience know what it would be about. You could gather the founding members and let them tell their story of building a company from scratch or even have customers talk about their experiences.

4. Be Updated And Keep Updating

At present, the circumstances have become so unpredictable and can take a sharp turn, and this is why it is pivotal for you to stay updated. It is only when you know what is going on that you will be able to act accordingly and do your best. Now the other side of the coin, which is super crucial, is that you keep updating your following on your social media accounts regarding your stance. You should be posting on social media regarding how you plan on dealing with an XYZ situation so that your customers would know that not only are you aware, but you are also prepared with a strategy.

This is essential as your image on social networking sites says a lot about your business ethic and behavior. Hence, you would want to be portrayed as an institution that knows the current situation and how to respond to it.


Probably the worst thing that you can do with your social media platforms in the middle of a lockdown is to stop posting. You literally can not do that; you need to stay connected to your client pool, let them in on your thoughts, and listen to theirs. Your brand needs to have a voice that speaks not only for itself but also for its followers and the current situation of the planet. Even if you are at a stage where sales are not doing well, focus on posting messages of hope and support that show the values of your business. Simple, It’s going to be okay! Can make someone hope and place trust in your brand.


Your customers are like the sails on your ship, and you are the steering wheel. The ship is directed by you but always driven by them. Posting on social media during lockdown is tricky because you would not want to hurt someone’s feelings. Though this fear is a reality, you need to understand how your company can be the one thing that can help someone in these distressing times. Even if you provide car parts, be considerate of your customer’s current state and let them have a piece of yours by posting relevant content on your social media, and you will see that business is not about numbers; it is about emotions.

A picture, a caption, or simply a textual post can be way more effective than you can imagine, so post responsibly. Share the struggle and spread kindness to receive support!

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