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Our Blog March 22, 2023


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You must have heard these top digital marketing myths in 2021 while going to get their services or while talking about it with an acquaintance.

1. You only need money for digital marketing

Money is not everything. Let us suppose you have a lot of money, and you don’t know anything about digital marketing and keep showing advertisements for your product which itself is not that good.

In digital marketing when you do Advertisement, SEO, Email marketing or have chosen a digital platform where you target an audience, it will lead them to come to your landing page. And if your landing page is not good enough then what will happen? What if your reviews are bad? And your branding is below average. In all these cases digital marketing will not be able to do anything.

You cannot get good loyal customers for the long term this way. If you want to make a brand which will earn recurring income then no matter how good your digital marketing is and your product is not, you will not get the boost you are looking for.

2. My competitor is not using digital marketing, so why should I?

This is a big opportunity for you. People assume that the market does not have scope for this because my competitor is not using digital marketing either. So why should I? This is the commonest digital marketing myth you hear from people.

3. Digital Marketing is only for Big Companies or Small Companies

People say two types of things, one group says “digital marketing is for small businesses” while the other says “digital marketing is for big businesses” let me burst your bubble and tell you that, “digital marketing is for every business no matter how big or small”. It does not matter if your budget started from only 1 Hundred per day or to 1 million per day. Both of these businesses can handle business marketing. So, it is a major digital marketing myth of 2021.

4. Creating a website is all you need

People often say that “I have made my website; my digital marketing is done”. Making a website does not mean digital marketing. It only means that you have created your “Digital Identity”. And to attract your consumer to that digital identity you must-do digital marketing. If you have a physical shop and you made a website, it becomes your digital shop.

Now, most of the customers will come to your digital shop first before coming to your physical shop. And for that, you have to create an effective marketing strategy. Even if you are using good SEOs you can easily rank your website over some competitor websites without working hard.

5. SEO is dead

SEO cannot be killed. It is an evergreen topic. People will keep searching queries on Google and websites and their results will only come on behalf of SEO. Whether it is a blog or video SEO works for every search. Traffic coming from SEO is of quality. One good thing about SEO is that it only depends on your skills, and no money is involved in it.

6. Good design websites are heavy

This is not a valid point either. All the game depends on the optimization of your website. And you can make a visually stunning website while using WordPress only.

7. Coded websites are the Best

People say that “Coded websites are better than WordPress websites”. These two things do not have much difference between them. In 2021 you can achieve the same result in either of these. And in WordPress, you get the advantage that you can start your work with a smaller budget. While using coding, you require a bigger budget from the start. The interface of WordPress is smart enough that you can easily upload products by yourself when using an e-commerce website. The issue only arises when your website gets heavy traffic like 100,000 people per day.

This increases your server cost too much so now going towards Coding is preferable. People also say, “WordPress is not secure”. The truth is it takes a big amount of money to create a website on coding and if you spend the same amount of money on WordPress, then your website is secure.

8. Cross-platform isn’t necessary

Sometimes people tell you to just start with one channel only whether SEO, Social media platform, or run ads. This is a blunder. We need to remarket our business. By showing our ads on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. So, in order to do remarketing, you have to follow a multi-channel approach through different platforms which will make your conversion rate 10-fold.

9. Followers, subscribers, and likes are everything

An Instagram influencer could not even sell 36 t-shirts to her following of a worthy 2 million. So, your followers, subscribers, and likes are not all you need to market your business. If you are thinking, “I have a lot of followers and subscribers, they will buy everything from me”. so that is not the case.

10. Negative comments on social are bad for business

You have to understand the reality of the situation that you cannot satisfy every person like a businessman. The important point is how to handle that negative criticism. If that comment is a genuine fault, then you should improve yourself. Otherwise, ignore it.

11. Your ads should entertain people

We need to understand that we are not here to entertain people. Whether we are making an ad, or a sales copy it is meant for work not fun. Our motive is to sell our product. If your ad sells your product, it is a good ad and if it doesn’t then no matter how fun your ad is, it is not good.

The Takeaways:

Learn about your business, how it is working, and correlate it with how it should work. Take a broader view of your aspect and learn to make intelligent guesses rather than high risks. Do not listen to everyone, only take advice from people who know what they are doing. The world has a lot of opinions on quantity, one needs to separate quality from quantity.

If you still have any confusion and questions related to the top digital marketing myths of 2021, you can contact us at Pulse Marketing anytime. We will be happy to assist you in creating more engaging and creative content for your brand.

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