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Our Blog March 22, 2023


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In an era where technology is rising to its extent each minute, it does not seem like a good idea to not include mobile phones in your marketing methods. SMS stands for short message service; however, its impact is anything but short. It is one of the most effective ways of getting your content to the targeted audience. SMS is believed to be a fruitful marketing tool because many of the SMS sent are not only opened up but are even read to some extent. Whereas other marketing facets might not even reach the consumer audience in the manner, you want it to. There are loads of reasons you should opt for an SMS marketing strategy if you have not yet.

Firstly, they have a relatively low cost starting price and secondly, it has high response rates compared to email marketing and other methods. To make sure that your SMS marketing strategy is on point, there are certain tactics that you will have to apply. This is exactly what today’s post is about; we will be talking about how you can successfully strengthen your SMS marketing strategy by tweaking some of its aspects.

1. Incentives. Incentives. Incentives.

You need to offer incentives in your text messages, such as coupons or deals that benefit the customer. Offering incentives will help your message receiver to continue reading the whole message and reach out to your business to sign up.

It is always a good idea to start your text message with the word coupon or sale in capslock, some may even put sterics on either side to make it pop up more. Providing an incentive to your consumer and that too one-on-one texting makes them feel like they are getting what nobody else is!

2. Make It Worth It

In order for you to strengthen your SMS marketing strategy, you will need to ensure that the text messages you are sending to your users are of some value and are genuine in their appeal. There is absolutely no point in sending content that does not help either party’s case.

This would do nothing except cause the customer to get frustrated and increase the chances that they might never open texts from your brand again. The SMS that is being sent out should be worth it, worth opening up, and worth giving a read. Don’t waste your efforts and the customer’s time.

3. Short And Senseful

While sending out SMSs, you will have to be wary of the fact that you have a limit of a maximum of 160 characters. You have these 160 characters not to engage your audience but also to let them know what sets you apart from your competition and why you are worthy of their trust.

So another useful tip to strengthen your SMS marketing strategy is to compose texts which are concise in form and make sense in content. These texts should be adding value to your marketing agenda so that you manage to generate results.

4. Get Your Customer To Take Action Now

Your text messages should create a sense of urgency and make the reader feel like they are running out of time. It is only when the customer thinks that he is in a short time he will be quick to respond to your marketing strategy. By putting up an expiry date to your coupon or putting a deadline to signing up, you will manage to curate exigency, which will cause your customers to act fast.

The SMS that is being sent to your customer pool should be able to create a stir so that it can manage to produce responses.

5. More Than Text

Just to make the SMS more interesting, you can also send out URL links in your messages that will lead the reader to a youtube video which will give them an insight into your business and how it works. You can also use MMS and send them pictures that you deem informative regarding your company.

SMS marketing strategy is a great way to get your customers on the same page as you, and it would be a shame if one imagines that this could only be done by text.

6. Lead Them To Your Social

If you can manage to get your customers to stumble upon your social networking platforms or your very own website through your SMS, then you would have probably extracted the most useful function of SMS. By putting up links in your texts or asking consumers to take a look at something, you can lead them to your accounts on social media. This will allow them to learn more about what you do and how you do it.

Once the customer is on the page you want them on; they will pretty much do the rest on their own.

7. Feedbacks And Surveys

A great route that you can take to strengthen your SMS marketing strategy successfully is by asking your customers to reply with a review of your services or even taking up a survey. This will allow you to understand your customer better and also comprehend how they respond to different stimuli.

You can even ask them for their opinion on a business change before making it so that they feel included and recognized. You can also hold polls regarding a particular idea and then post the result on your socials.

Key Takeaways:

Much like any other set of skills, this method of marketing will also take some time before you can completely get the hang of it. You will need to figure out what works the best for your specific customer pool, and you could work on it for further improvement. SMS marketing strategy is entirely a game of trial and error.

In order to successfully strengthen your SMS marketing strategy, you will need to keep applying the above pointers to your marketing methods. If you manage to nail this aspect of marketing, nothing like it is to communicate with your customers and make new ones.

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