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Our Blog December 20, 2022


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If you are someone who has come to a point where you feel that your brand and its image is not on the level you would want it at and is quite frankly a mess! Well, this is the article for you then. You must have reached a stage in your career in which you have finally come to terms with the fact that your business is not in complete sync with who you are and who you want to be. Your brand is there, it exists, but not in the shape and form you would want it to.

So before everything, you need to give up on the subliminal elements of your business and focus on the bigger picture. This is not the time to think if Merriweather is the right font to use or if you have to update your Instagram story. Let go of these details as you have bigger things to deal with. Firstly, accept that you have a problem, and secondly, figure out what you have to do about it. We are assuming that you are here because you are already done with the first part, so that we will help you with the second.

A branding strategy is what you need, and we will assist you in attaining that. This blog post will give you an insight into what it actually is and how you can work on yours.

What Is a Branding Strategy?

Branding strategy, also referred to as branding development strategy is a long-term set of milestones that you would have to achieve in order to attain the ultimate goal. This would allow your brand to be identified as a better option by your consumer pool and a worthy opponent by your market competitors. A branding strategy that would be considered quintessential will have to deal with the brand’s aim, what it can offer to its customers, and lastly, how well do these two mesh in with each other.

Probably the most had a preconceived notion about branding strategy that it revolves around the design of your logo and the color pallet for your website. These things are the necessary additions to elevate a branding strategy but are mere additions at the end of the day. Branding strategy’s core had intangible elements like the brand’s image, its awareness, etc.

Significance Of Branding Strategy

A successful marketing strategy would allow you to establish a solid brand. It will allow you to understand the nature of your brand and what aims you want to achieve through it. Your branding strategy would help you analyze your progress as it will act as the control setup of where you started.

Without a strong branding strategy, your brand would be meandering and have no direction of where it is leading.

Pillars Of A Successful Branding Strategy

What has been deemed more of an artist’s admirable job rather than a step-by-step science project by most marketers out there, branding strategy has some essential pillars that will help you keep your boat afloat even in the roughest of seas. In today’s article, we have managed to boil brand strategy down and reduce it to a concentrate that we will present to you.

1. The Reason

When establishing the ground for your brand, it is crucial that you highlight the brand’s purpose and why it exists. A key feature of brand positioning is to exhibit why you wake up the earliest you can and go to bed the latest. The core reason and purpose behind your brand’s name is what will slowly start to build an image of what your brand actually is and distinguish it from its competitors in the market.

It is obvious that any brand’s functional reason for existence is to generate profit and hence earn from it. But the zest that an intended purpose manages to bring to your brand is what counts. For instance, the crayon makers, Crayola, have made it their mission to bring out creativity and innovation in children by giving them all the colors that could possibly be imagined.

So look for inspiration from the brands you idealize and find your reason.

2. Cohesion

When you set out to build a brand strategy for your company, it is very important to make sure that all your activities are related to your brand and its cause. Here, even the small things matter. If you are to look at an Instagram account of a company, you would want to learn more about that company rather than seeing something which is not related to that brand.

Similarly, make sure that everything you post is in cohesion, all the small pieces of information unite to make your brand image more consistent. On whatever platforms your brand is being represented at, it is integral to ensure that it is all in cohesion with your company.

3. Sentiments

Ever wondered why you come across more copies of RayBan than any other brand of sunglasses out there? There is a straightforward answer to this: RayBan has managed to achieve a certain emotional connection with its customers. It has so many competitors out there, but when you look for shades, you reach for a RayBan, and that is solely because it makes you feel more special and almost as if you are a part of a specific group of people.

Understand that consumers will not always be reasoning, find that sweet spot where you strike their sentiments and make them get closer to you. It is pivotal that your brand cracks this sentimental aspect so that your business can hit a home run.

4. Evolve

It is completely possible that you might be applying the same strategy, and it is not doing the trick for you. This is because that advert you have been playing on a loop is not good enough and needs to be changed. There is nothing wrong with figuring out what needs to be brought to a halt and needs freshening up! Your brand needs to evolve to be a soaring butterfly rather than a creeping caterpillar.

Coca-Cola is a great example of branding flexibility, when they saw that people had started associating carbonated beverages with weight gain, they introduced Diet Coke and viola! You have a winner. They did not stop here and switched up the designs of their cans and bottles to differentiate between your normal cola and the diet one. They took a leap of faith and owned up to the calorie count the normal one had because they were ready to counter it with the diet one.

This was not only smart but proved to be a game-changer for Coca-Cola.strast

The Takeaways:

A successful marketing strategy would allow you to establish a solid brand. It will allow you to understand the nature of your brand and what aims you want to achieve through it.

Pulse Marketing is an online marketing agency with all the assets and competence to help you comprehend the problems you are facing in branding strategy. They help you target those problems and find their solution for a more successful branding strategy.

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