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Our Blog March 22, 2023


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“Excellence can only be achieved if you work on it exceptionally.”

When in Business marketing, you need to be above average to stay in the game as there is always the next big thing. In this fast world, you need to adapt to the change at the same pace as everyone, and if you want to excel, you have to move faster than everyone. And for that, you need to utilize the tools available in a smart way.

Here is the list of 5 Social Media Platforms for business in 2021.

1. Facebook:

Daily users: 1.9 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg has built the best social media platform when it comes to business. Its interface and design are sleek and easy to use.

In 2020 only, Reportedly, Facebook earned a lump sum amount of 21.4 billion USD. It generates its income through ad revenue. Facebook has a Billion active users per day, so it is the best platform to target any audience for your product. And its interactive nature is convenient when it comes to connecting with interested parties. If a user likes your product frequently, it will start putting your product in their news feed recommendation. And if they follow your page, Facebook OS is coded in a way to put that post first, which the client is interested in. It determines that by how many times the user has liked posts about that product. This already sounds good enough to sell anyone the idea to use Facebook for business marketing, but that’s not all. Facebook has this amazing feature of “Suggestions.”

Suggestions start targeting the audience fitting the demographics of the user that interacted with your product. For Example, close friends of that user are now a key target of Suggestions. In this way, your product gets free popularity. There is no question that it remains one of the best social media platforms for businesses in 2021.

2. LinkedIn:

Monthly users: 740 Million

LinkedIn can be considered a senior app when it comes to business marketing on social media platforms in 2021. It was one of the few initial sites that started all this. And as they say, Original remains the best while legacy keeps on trying to keep up. Unlike Facebook, where you can find many unnecessary parties seemingly interested, LinkedIn is purely professional and is a tool to seek and get hired for jobs.

LinkedIn has a quality over quantity demographic, and it works. People don’t go to LinkedIn for infotainment and Enjoyment or simply scroll. LinkedIn in this manner opens up your target audience to professional people. If your product is not for the general public or home use, then LinkedIn would be preferable. And it’s also an efficient resource for sharing content.

3. Instagram

Daily users: Half a billion

Unlike the seniority of LinkedIn, Instagram is relatively a younger site launched in 2010. You may even go beyond what you call it “an overnight success.” Our generation is interested in visually pleasant stimuli. And when it comes to Photography, Instagram is what you need. So when targeting the audience of this group, your product needs to be eye-catching and, as they say, “Pleasing for the Eyes’. The whole Interface of Instagram is based on how many hearts your post gets. It has this convenient feature of Direct Message. Which has connected you to every celebrity in the world as if you have their phone number.

You can contact anyone on this app which makes it a worthy competitor of Facebook. Unlike Facebook, where the caption is on top of the post, it’s after on Instagram, which in a way is a better strategy if you’re looking to stun people with your beautiful product. It makes them stop their scrolling and admire your product which leads them to see details in your captions. Instagram is great if your audience is younger and interested in shopping on the Phone. Its audience is generally younger than Facebook and not professional like LinkedIn, so you have to target your product in a way that attracts a child to come to the shop.

4. YouTube

Monthly users: more than 2 Billion

How Instagram was about Photos, YouTube is all about Videos. This platform is Video-based, and it’s the best video-based platform when compared to other hand-me-downs like Dailymotion and Vimeo. It is much faster and efficient than other platforms. It now has a load of 2 Billion worldwide users a month, and people use it not only for entertainment and fun but also for learning new things. And that’s what makes it such a powerful tool for businesses.

Using YouTube, you can create a video channel and connect with your users in a video-based interface. You can make tutorials, visually demonstrate your product, and interact with the audience on a live video Session.

5. Twitter

Daily users: 186 Million

Twitter has an amazing business marketing technique with their users to give all of them a platform to be equal and chatter around or, should I say, Tweet about as equals businesses, journalists, celebrities, and even Presidents use Twitter to share stories and blogs or humorous anecdotes daily.

The idea of Twitter is based on the power of gossip. How a small rumor can spread like wildfire all over your high school about a mere unnecessary yet juicy detail. Even those who are not interested in it, if it was a mere statement, start to join in spreading the rumor just for the sake of doing it. If one person Tweets about something interesting, their followers can retweet it. And from their followings to the rest and so on.

So, if your product is Juicy enough that people spill it as tweets, then Twitter is your best bet.

Key Takeaways:

This list is about the five best social media platforms of 2021, but each of these has its own specialty and niche. All you need to do is determine which platform suits your Business’ marketing strategy.

For more inquiries and questions related to social media marketing, you can contact us at Pulse Marketing today. We will be happy to assist you in creating more diverse and creative strategies. We hope that you enjoy the article, so feel free to share it with your friends and family and let them know the power of digital marketing.

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